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Penney reported to be hunting for new chief merchant officer

Le 21 octobre 2015, 17:53 dans Humeurs 0

Penney reported to be hunting for new chief merchant officer

I completely agree with you . Full figured shouldn't mean frumpy . I am not the biggest fan of the Liz Line , but that said, I am more than pleased to see the Michael Strahan line at JCP. I have been suggesting that JCP do something like this for sometime . Glad to see that they have. I would also like to see JCP have a small section for scarfs and sunglasses for the Muslim women who can wear this apparel . Those who can love to go shopping and wear nice perfumes. Also, look at the Thailand men . Having a small section for them would be great. I know that I wouldn't want to go the the little boys section to buy my clothes if I were a 30yr old male. That said, I am happy to tell you that JCP has been busy at the malls. It's good to see this.

The idea is to personal identify groups of people who might become longtime loyal customers . You have a lot of immigration happening . People like to be welcomed . They like to be told they matter . You do this by representing them in a way that shows that they are important . You can take a mannequin head. Place scarfs and sunglasses on it in the colors that suits them best. I may have mislead you into thinking that the Muslim women need a whole department . That would be excluding others. But, making people feel that they matter in a subtle way, that's how you obtain loyalty , and have return customers. In your own personal experience, did recognition influence a decision you made ? It has me. I was at JCP today and Muslim women were there. I think they could test this scarf and sunglasses/mannequin on FB. See how may reshares it gets and who plussed it. Also, while I was there they had the Michael Strahan add near the cash register. I did notice male Afro Americans over in the suit section. I think it may have made a little impact. I go to JCP a lot just to watch the people and there usually isn't people over in the suit section. Here's another thought They need to place the booklet with the coupons in two places . One when you get off the elevator as you turn the corner . The other just a little more ways closer to the suits. Why, most will pass the booklet . But when they pass it the second time, they will pick it up. The whole idea is to get them pick it up so that they will get them to get them into their data base with the clients smartphone. You still should have the booklet at the cash register . I agree too with having the women's shoe department becoming personalized . I think you could do this with having the customer having their shoe size taken like they used too. The elderly would love this. The girls would love this too. Lots of reasons why this would work. I have been suggesting that JCP should do this for awhile now. Lots of things JCP could do and is doing to regain their customer base while adding on new ones. Sorry for the spelling and grammar . I should say that I own JCP . Thanks for the reply.

Coupon booklet . Not different sunglasses , just set up differently. I never stick to one subject , my mind wanders. Too much coffee . The idea is to have maybe a ipad or Isabel Marant Sneakers Online something like that. Why, well, while I was there a couple of separate instances , the store clerks and clients didn't understand each other for there was a language barrier . So, how about a ipad that translated the conversation . Just press what language you speak and start talking . JCP might attract more customers because of this. Anything I say you can disregard if you think it's a little nutty. Hey, thanks for the reply.

Steady compared too. How where the other stores doing ? When I go, I stop in first to take a look see, then I go elsewhere for a half an hour then I come back and shop. I picked up a few wallets . They were on sale . They will make great Christmas presents. This JCP doesn't have a Sephora . The shoe section is separated , women's from men's . The women's looks really good. It has spacious seating and was steady. The men's , not so much. I also went to a another mall which is more upscale . A good number of people shopping . More than I have seen in awhile. Lots of people walking around with purchases . I am in Ohio. The stronger dollar has given shoppers Domestic Purchasing Power. JCP got an upgrade today with a price target of 13.

London street has 'top shop rent' in Europe

Le 14 octobre 2015, 18:17 dans Humeurs 0

London street has 'top shop rent' in Europe

London's New Bond Street is now the most expensive retail location in Europe, according to a report.

Shop rents rose to $836 (536) per square foot per year, higher than those on Paris's Avenue des ChampsElysees, property firm Cushman Wakefield said.

The highest rents within shops for the immediate front area with exposure to the street, known as "Zone A" rose to 925 per square foot per year on New Bond Street.

Demand from firms to secure premises was easily outstripping supply, driving rents higher, said Cushman Wakefield's head of central London retail, Peter Mace.

"New Bond Street remains one of the most sought after locations in the world for luxury brands," he said.

"This trend is likely to continue for the foreseeable future on the basis that there are still a large number of retail requirements that remain unsatisfied." Isabel Marant Sale

International retailers looking for prime locations and strong tourism meant that emerging markets were seeing steep rent rises, added the report, which looked at data from 59 countries.

Haddock Lobo street in Sao Paolo, Brazil saw rents climb by 92%. In Asia, costs on Mumbai's Linking Road climbed 33%. But some Bulgarian streets saw retail rents slide by 50%. Paris's Avenue des ChampsElysees fell by 9.5%.

'Aftershocks'The report said that, having seen sharp dips of up to 25% in some parts of the world in 200809, twothirds of locations had seen retail rent prices rise or remain static in the year to June.

"The aftershocks of the global economic recession are still being felt in the retail property market and the path leading from recession to recovery has been far from smooth," said John Strachan, Cushman Wakefield's global head of retail.

"In the more mature markets, occupiers are expected to remain cautious and selective about the space they take. However, on the great shopping streets of the world in cities such as London and New York, demand has continued to exceed supply and the appetite of international brands has resulted in rental uplift.

"The world's emerging economies looks set to experience significant growth in the retail sector, thereby boosting demand for good quality, welllocated property."

The UK's five most expensive retail areas were all in the English capital, with Birmingham's High Street ranked number six, followed by Newcastle's Northumberland Street.